The Child of the Future

In week 7 of History 3510 we watched a film titled “The Child of the Future” the film related to the readings we did for our reading analysis for the week.

During the film, we answered questions and then drew a concept map displaying our understanding and findings after watching the film.

The three main themes that I came up with after watching the movie were:

-Adaptation of Technology

-The progression of learning of an individual

-New technologies and how children adapt to them


Concept maps:

What specifically does this film tell us about education in the 1960s?

-education is always changing.

-the way classrooms have continued to evolve but the way they are structured have stayed the same.

– technology is changing the way classrooms work and the way children learn.

-Children need more than just rows of desks reciting times tables.

-many ways that children can be involved with education.

Is this progressive education?

The definition of progressive education is a theory that schools are too formal, rigid, and detached from real life.

I think that the film is showing the transition from formal education to progressive educations.

The way the film shows this is by innovation, of all the different classroom settings. For example, the children weren’t just sitting at their desks reading books. They were moving around and working with technology.