Sm’algyax is the language of the Ts’msyen First Nation in Prince Rupert which has various dialects. These Sm’algyax dialects are all represented in the language program taught in all 3 elementary, one middle, one high school and one village school in SD52. It started with teaching K-4 in just 3 elementary schools, but soon the council, school and families wanted to know why it wasn’t offered in all of the schools. Teachers were on board as well as they noticed great uptake from the Grade 5 class if the students started learning the language from kindergarten. Soon all schools were included.

The language program has been offered in grades 5-12 for 17 years and even longer in the Aboriginal community in the surrounding villages. The language teachers are Sm’algyax certified classroom teachers and co-teach with Sm’algyax fluent teachers/elders.

Below is the First Nations Language Curriculum Guide.